"Just wanted to let you know how great it was to sit down the other day after a very trying day at work) with a nice cold beer and my latest issue of Maelstrom! The stories you choose remind me of the old Tomorrow Speculative Fiction magazine--one of my all-time favorites."

"I liked it."

"Beautiful issue, and thank you so much! I'm thrilled to be even a small part of it. The stories are great!"

"Just wanted to send a sparkling round of applause for Maelstrom #7, which arrived this morning. You've earned my respect with your faultless layout and attention to detail."

"A really clever, interesting story in Maelstrom Speculative Fiction #6. Fascinating world, or multiple worlds, and a great cast of characters."

"Just got MSF #7 in the P.O. box today and stole away enough time to read the whole zine. (Yup, the WHOLE zine.) I think this may be your best issue yet."

Spicy Green Iguana

science fiction, fantasy, and horror
from outer space to inner terror
dare to get drawn in


Alas, the time has come. The doors to Maelstrom SF are shut. The reasons are many, but they mainly boil down to time and money. Back issues (5, 6, 7, and 8) will be available for a little while, but I'll release no new issues.

Anyone who's owed a refund for a subscription will be getting it soon. But don't despair! One end is another beginning. I'm going digital with my new site, It's mainly a speculative fiction book review site, but I'll be adding short fiction, author interviews, author biographies, and articles to round it out the content. The stories I publish on SFReader will be the same stories I would have published in future issues of MSF. Please visit the site for the full guidelines.

This was a tough decision, because to me being published on the Internet lacks the same level of legitimacy as being in print, as being a magazine you can hold in your hand, that has cover art, that has a page in it with your name right there in black and white. But the Internet is gaining ground and opinions, mine included, are changing. Some e-zines out there are setting fine standards for fiction;, Speculon, Strange Horizons, Neverworlds, Gothic New, ChiZine, just to mention a few. I hope I can make SFReader as respectable as these.

My personal thanks to all who praised my efforts and my magazine. I would have quit long before if not for your support and encouraging words.

Please feel free to spread the news.


Future submission will be considered for

Vera Nazarian's story, "Sailing the Eye of Sun", from Issue #2,
was selected for inclusion in the Year's Best Sword and Sorcery (1999) anthology. Congratulations Vera!

Maelstrom #3
Maelstrom #8

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"I just wanted to thank you for your reading and quick response to my submission. It wasn't accepted, but you were GREAT in giving me such an overall critique. Your time for that is appreciated and very, very helpful."

"Dave runs a very writer-friendly magazine. He's willing to work with authors and he's very flexible."

"He's such a nice guy"

"I'll probably leave someone out, but the ones I've submitted to more than once that are particularly encouraging, fast, or incisive about flaws are:...David Felts at MAELSTROM..."

"David Felts at Maelstrom has helped me far above the call of editorial duty. One of these days I hope I'm famous enough that when I thank him for all the help it'll mean something."

"David Felts has been working with me on a story, for quite a long time. Again I tell everyone that David has taught me a lot about writing, while leaving my story mine."

"He can order beer in Japanese"

(In response to a request for revisions)
I've not only done all those things, I've done them to such satisfaction that I'm embarrassed to have bothered you with previous versions of the story. Your help and patience have been invaluable in making these improvements, and perhaps teaching me lessons that I can apply to a large quantity of my other fiction. I'm a lot closer to seeing why I've only managed two sales so far.

brave souls have wandered through
since I started this in April 1998