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Yee-ha!!!! #8 is here. Bobbi Sinha-Morey inteviews the prolific Jack Fisher, who edits and publishes Flesh and Blood, a top-rated horror mag. Ken Honeywell drums up "Trash", a cyberpunkish tale set in an immortal future where boredom is the greatest enemy. Love truly is in the stars in Sonya Taffe's "Constellations, Conjunctions". Brett Hudgins "Copse" is a weird Western you won't soon forget. James Michael White steps up to the bar with an alternate perception of reality in "Of Colours Memory and Hell". And in Greg Van Eekhout's "Runaway With No Tags", just who is the stray? Order directly from me or go to Project Pulp for easy online ordering with your credit card.

Filled at last, filled at last, thank God almighty filled, at last! Inside issue #7 you'll find fantastic stories from Hugh Cook, Daniel Blackston, SC Lofton, Michael Vance, and MIthran Somasundrum. Bobbi Sinha-Morey serves up and interview with the prolific James Dorr, and Richard Horton returns with his second installment of reviews. Order directly from me or go to Project Pulp for easy online ordering with your credit card.

Issue# 6 is finally here! I've got some great fiction lined up from T. Rex, P.K. Graves, Jonathan M. Sullivan, Mette Ivie Harrison, and S.C. Lofton. Rich Horton returns for his second installment of Maelstrom Reviews and Bobbi Sinha-Morey dishes up and interview with Shikhir Dixit. I'm sure you'll find this one worth the wait. Order directly from me or go to Project Pulp for easy online ordering with your credit card.
Issue #5 has shaped up as an almost all-alumni issue. Tim Pratt, Ken Rand, Stefano Donati, James S. Dorr, and Francis J. Matozzo all return to MSF's fiction pages. There are new authors as well: Michael Vance and Barry Lee Freeman offer two new tales. Bobbi Sinha-Morey brings an interview with the prolific horror author Charlee Jacob and I'm proud to welcome Richard Horton as Maelstrom's new review columnist. Another great issue sure to please -- so order right now! Check out Project Pulp for an easy way to do it too!

Issue #4 brings a load of great fiction from a variety of talented writers. Jonathan M. Sullivan returns and there are new stories by Mark Rich, Matthew Sanborn Smith, T. Rex, Barton Paul Levenson, and James S. Dorr. Steve Algieri, editor and publisher of Pulp Eternity and Eternity On-Line offers some writing advice on setting and Matt Doeden takes a peek at The Matrix and two E-zines -- Crimson Ezine, and The Grimoire. Do the right thing by ordering your copy now!

Issue #3, Winter 1999, contains six stories by Lawrence M. Schoen, Tim Pratt, David Laderoute, Charles Anders, Jonathan Sullivan, and Jan Wildt. Advice on the craft of writing from Ken Rand, who brings us an excerpt from his chapbook, The Ten Percent Solution. Lee Morgan interviews Brian Wightman, this year's Grand Prize Winner in the Writers of the Future contest. Matt Doeden reviews the new Star Trek movie, Lawrence Watt-Evans Touched by the Gods, and Talebones #13. Don't miss it! Sold out!
Issue #2 brings full color cover art with interior illustrations by Vera Nazarian! The first installment of a new review column by Matt Doeden. Manuscript preparation advice from Patrick Swenson, editor of Talebones. Featured writers include Ken Rand, dgk goldberg, Francis J. Matozzo, David W. HIll and Felix W, Hill, and Scott Nicholson. Vera Nazarian brings us a story from her Compass Rose world*, along with artwork! *Read the story "Sailing Eye of Sun", selected for inclusion in the Year's Best Sword and Sorcery (1999), with artwork by the author! Sold out!
The first issue of Maelstrom Speculative Fiction is 32 pages and contains over 28,000 words of fiction and reviews. James "Red Mike" Macdonald offers a hilarious review of the movie, "Godzilla", Sherwood Smith suggests some good books to settle down with, and Amy Consiglio rates "Dark City", now available on video. As always, there's some of the best speculative fiction in the small press, with seven stories by authors Connie Wilkins, Matt Doeden, Sean Logan, Robert Krawiec, Stefano Donati, Mike Totty, and Robin Lochlann Spriggs. Who knows? One day this might be a hot collector's item!  Sold out!

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